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“I’m going to live every minute of it.”

I shed my tears as the movie ended. Astrid was right. Soul was the kind of movie that wrapped your life worries and wonderings beautifully.

Watching this on my birthday seems to be the right decision. As I see birthday wishes coming in, I become more convinced that it’s the mental age that matters. That I need to work on. The chronological age comes without saying and while it affects your biological functions, it doesn’t necessarily define you as a person.

You may age physically and stay in the same (mental) age for years. You may get botox and stuffs trying to stay looking like a certain age, but it doesn’t necessarily change the way you experience the world.

This year, I choose to treat my birthday a bit differently. I decided to celebrate the ageing every day instead of once a year.

We are given a new fresh start every day, so why waiting a year long?

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