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A Footprint

Today marks his last day as my best companion. No, he wasn’t my significant other although his presence has been quite significant in my life for the past two years.

He was the person that brought me into this kind of life. He held his hands out to me when I was in need of help, offered me a handful of advice when I was hungry for one.

He was my recruiter.

Who happened to become a good friend to all of us, a caring mentor to some of us, and a big brother to myself.

He appeared to be a rather quiet person who enjoyed company of his own solitude. Not the lonely and isolated kind of solitude, though. He was more intrigued to keep his thoughts and opinions all to himself in peace, wasn’t bothered by others’ dissing.

Despite his oh-so-goodness, he was actually a terrible planner. He had nearly one hundred (I’m dead serious) open tabs on his laptop in hope he’d be able to complete and close them soon. A few minutes before he shut and returned his laptop to IT team this afternoon as part of off-boarding process, we could only give those ninety two open tabs a cold glance. I remembered being his task-tracker alias notetaker. Tailing him everywhere like a puppy. I smiled at the memory as he packed his leftover stuffs.

Earlier today, in the midst of lunch after our (last) meeting, he popped an unusual question without hesitation.

“If you weren’t you, what do you wish to become?”

A single, simple question that led to tens of follow up questions. His first non work-related questions. Doubts, dreams, destiny. We spent a little too longer time than expected. Three hours and I felt as if I had just relived my life. Even eye-opening discussion was an understatement. His leaving reminded me that a fulfilling job shall fuel, not rule our life.

That was the moment I felt the urge to go to this platform. I wanted to help people like him leave footprints to share. Because in every silence there’s a lesson to remember.

So long, my friend.

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