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Single and (Not) Ready to Mingle

One of the reasons why being single feels like a torture to you is maybe because you want to be loved, and you believe that such love can only be given by someone else.

You want them to do the work for you. 

To cheer you up on your darkest nights. To support your wildest dreams. To have faith in you when you don’t trust your own gut. To accept parts of you that you can’t. To love you unconditionally.

You believe that it takes another person to be in love, to be whole, that you spend every second of your day wondering where, when, and how they can find you.

You believe that you are only healed when you have met your soulmate.

But the truth is, you don’t have to wait.

You are worth the love. Right now, right in this moment.

You might have forgotten how or when was the last time it happened, but you can fall in love with yourself again.

Because until you learn to enjoy your solitude, to befriend all the parts of you, to be your own soulmate…

No one will ever seem good enough for you.

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