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Retail Therapy

Who doesn’t like or has never tried retail therapy as a way to escape your reality?

My anxiety kind of spiked up today and I thought to myself, “I need to stop by the mall to find some relief.” Normally I would leave that place with things I barely needed, but today, I *only* brought home a piece of clothing. One that actually has been on my wishlist without my knowing.

Today, I learned more than just finding the perfect piece in the sea of garments.

Today, I also learned more about dating.


“Do I really like it or do I just tolerate it?”

Great shape, but the button looks cheap. Lovely color, but the material isn’t very breathable. Amazing price value, but out of size…

We all have experienced this way too often. The almost perfect piece of clothing.

Too hard to buy, too great to miss. I used to tolerate their small shortcomings only to realize that, “Damn, this won’t work for me,” later at home.

The answer to “Do I really like it?” should be a simple yes or no. No but’s. If you have an uncomfortable kick-in-the-gut doubt, it’s totally okay to drop it and move on because most likely it’s not the right fit for you.


“Do I really like it or do I want to like it?”

Just because your friend says it looks good on you doesn’t mean you (have to) like it.

Does it accentuate your best figure? Does it add value to your capsule wardrobe? And more importantly, does it make you feel more of yourself?

That 50% discount may sound like a pretty good deal for them, but if the available color is a real dealbreaker for you, feel free to pass up on it.


“I might like it—with some fixing. Would it be worth the effort?”

It could be you having to use your long-abandoned credit card, making the time to go to a tailor, or finding a pair of shoes to match with.

Big or small, only you can determine if it’s worth the effort.


“Do I really need it or only because it looks like a safe choice?”

Check out your wardrobe and see how many similarif not the exact sameclothings you have.

We all have a taste, a preference. We like something familiar to us, to our collection, and when we see one, we feel a strong urge to “Let’s bring it home!” without understanding our actual needs.

An extra piece of clothing won’t hurt, sure. But if you want to keep it for a long time, you’d better spend enough time to sort your priorities and see if it would make a perfect fit.

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