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BREW: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

BREW is a book review series that serves to perpetuate personal impression of one’s masterpiece.


If you deal with what-if questions on daily basis like I do, this book comes to rescue.

More often than not, we find it easier to envy someone else’s life than to appreciate ours. We compare our lacking to their abundance, our weakness to their strength, our start point to their finish line. It’s not even an apple-to-apple comparison yet has become a game that a lot of us (in)voluntarily sign ourselves up into.

We wonder what it’d be like to be someone else—to walk in their shoes, to live under their roof.

Sometimes, if not every damn time, we wish to have taken a different path.

And to Nora, the wish has been granted. Her suicidal attempt had brought her to a special library that allowed her to (re)build a whole new life.


She was given not only a chance to live differently, but hundreds… thousands… endless chances. She could walk whatever path she desired. Just pick any interesting career/soulmate/friend/country, live it out, then leave when feeling disappointed and move on to the next best thing. A wild card to try out different lives until she found one that’s fulfilling and worth living.

She became a life-hopper. While some people make mistakes to learn from, she got to 𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘰 it before the storm.

Isn’t that dream?

Unfortunately, the more isn’t always the merrier. The goal isn’t always to be happier. There must be something beyond the money/fame seeking and regret in decision making.

Through Nora’s eyes, I learned what I actually wanted out of life.

“To learn is to live.”

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